There is a lack of female photographers in this business & art form! My hope is to encourage other female photographers to fill up their ‘creative cup’ and join us in cheering on other women in this artistic field. So ladies, set down whatever it is your doing & take some time for yourself, to do something you may have wanted to try, or need to dust off your camera or even professionals like me, who would like to shoot with other women – and encourage one another!

Women look at the world through a different lens than men, we pose models different, have a different vibe, different eye and shooting style – we’re not better, just different. I was once a model & now do a lot of model type photoshoots, and see it first hand. We have a lot to contribute to the art and I want to start something awesome!

We’ll have monthly Meetups, with different themes & locations, all over southern California. Please check out the link below for the Meetup Calendar information.

So let’s go gals! Let’s do this!

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~Alisha (Aka: TheFilmAli – Founder of the Female Photographers League of SoCal)